How to Import Your Blog From Blogger to Joomla

At times you feel as if Blogger is no longer giving you what you actually need, you can just migrate. You  can also import you your content from blogger to joomla you ask why should I do this or what is the benefit?

Blogger to Joomla

OK let me tell why joomla gives you the ability to to make you site look like a professional web and it can be developed with the various extensions. And you are the own of what ever you have unlike blogger they have the authority to delete any content the choose to delete any time.

So if you like this why don't you give it a try by following this process below.

Step 1
Now firstly you need to backup all your content on blogger so as to avoid story that tough.

Blogger to Joomla

Step 2
Then you need to install your new joomal website make sure you upload this

• k2
• Jcomments

Step 3
Choose a nice template for your website and then upload it  by installation.

Step 4
Now you just need to get the access to your blogger and joomla prepared

Step 5

Now use this extension to transfer or migrate to joomla


And then you need to set a 301 url redirect  from blogger to joomla.

Blogger to Joomla

Step 6
Now finally activate your seo extension

I hope this tutorial worked for you,don't forget to drop a comment below thanks

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  1. OK.. But I thought jomla is meant for forum-like webpage.. Is it?

    1. yeah but you can still do the migration Joomla! is the mobile-ready and user friendly way to build your website. Choose from thousands of features

  2. yea,it meant for forum buh really makes sense tho...

  3. Nice article! Lots of useful information, though, for as a non-tech user, it's being difficult to follow the practical guidelines as to the migration itself. I would suggest to include any automated method, as a supplementary point, too.. reviewing any of the online tools, like cms2cms.. it would be really useful. thanks!

    1. Ok I will bring up something like that later just subscribe to our news feed for more update and we sincerely promise to get your problem solved you are welcome

    2. Julia Nimchynska the article has been published if you need it you can check it out.

  4. they call joolma black something but I couldn't remember

  5. You and this is joomla sef hmmm wel😀 nice tips

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