How to Increase Website Traffic and Market Your website

How to Increase Website Traffic and Market Your website

Creating a new website is good idea but how do you develop It. Marketing your site can help in bringing more traffic to your website,and also by advertising it.

This are few idea that can help you in being a successful online business man.

1.  You Need to optimize your content for search engines
This is very important because it helps ensuring that the content in your site match with search engine terms.

2.  Sure you have to build backlinks
Backlinks is very very important to every website or blog this is because it help in ranking your page high. Backlinks are link from another site to your site that have high page ranking.

Now how do you get this backlinks

=> comment on other sites and forum
=> Guest posting
This are just some popular ways to create that

3. Good website design
One of the secret of bringing more visitors to your website is by having good site design this will retain your visitors and make sure your site is not difficult to use.

4. Make sure that Your site structure is easy to crawl
Remember that search engine do crawl your site and if your site is so difficult for that the won't be able to catalog your content. Make you use your webmaster tools to test it before any other.

Example of crawling simulators are


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