How to Make Your Blog Easy  to Find

How to Make Your Blog Easy to Find

One word for you is that your main keyword phrases should be your goal

Get  relevant links that is pointing your home page, this links can be gotten through the submmition of written articles to directorie, also engage in writing guest post for other blog and the blog must have high traffic and also buying of links are very important to your blog

Make use of keywords
You have to use nice keywords that will take longer time to reach the audience and always focus your post on one term and also the reasonable once.

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Study search engine optimization (SEO)
everyday many people are searching for new things and you should be thinking of how your blog will be seen. Most keywords get more searches than others and also remember that this is always competitive.


  1. I most say you post is helping me a lot

  2. I most say you post is helping me a lot

  3. I agree with you on getting relevant links to one's website. It is very important to the ranking of a website, especially when it is from a site that Google trust.

    Getting a relevant link to a site is as important as using the site's primary keyword as the anchor.

    Talking about keyword, www.nairaoffers.tk for instance focus of "how to make money online fast", and as such, it is wise to always use part of the keyword if not all, as the anchor text for the site.

    Keep it up!