Reddit is a popular social website that that help in featuring user content that are been submitted.

Step 1
 You  need to create an account with them and  make sure you film the required information in the box that will appear after you have fill it just click on submit.

Step 2
Now if you want to post you will have to use the search box this is because someone might have post exactly what you want to post and if you didn't so you submissions might be deleted.

Step 3
If you want to post any thing you just need to click on submit a new link and you can also change your screen.

Step 4
When  you about to post you will be given a form to fill in your informations.

Step 5
Select a subreddit  because has two section which are user curated and subreddits.  In subreddit  you can pick from the list of the most popular.

Step 6
Before you submit any post make sure you check their rules very well and each subreddit has different rules

Step 7
After the submission you cab then start to track your karma the karma score of your post is  the down vote total subtracted from the upvote total.and text post will hardly get karma but link post will get.

Step 8
Don't post fake article .

I hope this really helped you very well, don't forget to drop a comment bellow thanks.


  1. Another way of generating traffic I guess! I'll give it a try and feed you back with the outcome.


    1. Yes give this a try and make sure your post goes along with your link

  2. OK can we post almost anything or it will restrict post type cos i cant wait to see my post going places. pls admin reply . www.soccerloaded.com