How to purchase a Domain Name Via Google

How to purchase a Domain Name Via Google

Buying a domain name from Google is a very good idea because the keep you your private information safe. Google is patterning with other hosting or domain registrars like godady an many more. The also give benefits like auto renew your domain annually I think this is  a great opportunity just follow the steps below.

Step 1
Visit Google support web page 

Step 2
Then click on click on the link that redirect you you to the Google app for business home page.

Step 3
Now click on start trial it is located at the top right corner of the page

Step 4
 You are almost there you need to click on to find domain this also located at the right side you just need to insert the domain name you want to buy into the cart box

Step 5
Now you will be given a domain type which you have to select
Examples are

•  .com
•  .net
•  .org and many others

Step 6
Then click on check availability after clicking on it you will be notify if that domain name is still available or not and if it is not then keep trying until you succeed.

Step 7
Now you will have to create a new Google app account which will be use to manage your domain.

Step 8
You will have to fill in you organization details and put the size of the organization.

Step 9
Click on [ I accept ]  and proceed to the domain checkout and select your country currency if your currency is not there you can select dollars ($) and click continue.

Step 10
Select your domain renew option and the third party domain registrar and click continue.

Step 11
You will have to accept the terms and conditions and then accept and continue and then fill in you billing information and click continue.

Step 12
Select your payment method either through you account or credit card and then submit .

Step 13
You will sent  an email containing all your details about the new domain name and how to access it.

Hope you  purchase  your domain successfully, don't forget to drop a comment below and if you need my assistance you can also comment thanks


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  2. This has been my problem for sometime now, Imagine I've a registered domain with domain king and I'm unable link it with the site, I've gotten the tutorial on how to do it, but always fail in the process. The domain is All4barca.com

    1. yes oh why didn't you inform me earlier i can help you do the setup how old is the domain nw?