How to Receive Referrals For Your Website

How to Receive Referrals For Your Website

Today we have many website online that needs to be promoted are you in that kind of situation, the main reason for having a websiste or the successful part of having a website is to gain more traffic in this topic you will be given some tips on how to refer people to your site.

First lets start with this
• You  need to have a banner for your site 

This act do create awearness and increase the popularity of your website both locally and internationally. When advertising this banner you would have to place it in public on social media and many more. And also make sure you website details are written on this banner so that even if those that are deaf see your banner it will be useful to them and your banner background should be something readable s that anybody  reading it will be satisfy with you writings.

• Join forums and place your site post there

This is the best way which you can get traffic to your website because most forums have different threads which you can post according to your site niche and example of forums are Nairaland, Warrior forum and many more.

• Engage your  family  members

See there are two way about online business if you can sponsor it with your money then you use your family I think this will help you succeed in your website and even include your friends.

• Post Your link on social media or email

Sharing you you link through email looks official right so why don't you try if you have friends who have their own website or blog you can still ask them to post links to your website.


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  2. This post was helpful . i have lean something new once again , www.soccerloaded.com

  3. This is very important to me specialty, though my resources are very limited and that limit my traffic.

    1. Don't worry maybe I will create a post on how to increase your blog traffic so don't worry

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