How to Remove Custom Domain From your Blogger Blog

How to Remove Custom Domain From your Blogger Blog

There are lots of bloggers who rushed to buy a domain for themselves  but  later the discover that what the gain is not up to the amount to buy another domain and the don't want to loss their visitors so to avoid this you have to  follow this steps below.

Step 1
Open your blogger dashboard and select the blog you want to perform this task on and click settings.

Step 2

Now look for the icon that look like x beside that domain name and click on it.

Step 3
Now wait for confirmation box to appear then click remove.

That's all you need don't forget to drop a comment below thanks.


  1. Simple and very straightforward. I was thinking that's gonna take a very long process since I wasn't on the blogger platform. Good enough

  2. hi admin, my blogger domain was set to auto renewal, if i hit the "x" and remove, will google still charge me ?

    1. I don't think so, but if you you can contact the selfcare customer service the can do so for you automatically without any future problems thank you.