Today we have many forum some are chat forum,digital forum and many more are you thinking of starting a forum or having this thought in mine? Then  this are steps for you to follow

Step 1

Firstly you have to choose your heart desired niche for your forum and should be a forum that can be define and you must focus on that niche topic you can also put category like news,sport,business, webmaster e.t.c

Step 2

You need a script to start your own forum and I will advice you to start with a free script and an example of such script is phpBB and it help web host offer as  part  of their package.

Step 3

Now choose your own  message board  using a software that is if you are very a good web developer  and then start creating you discussion  area just as I mentioned above and make sure the are related to your forum topic.

Step 4
You have to email or send messages to people you know either on Facebook or other platform  after that you are good to start your forum discussion.

Step 5

Publish post to you forum this will make people to know how serious your forum is.

Hope you will try creating one for yourself, if you can I think that is a great idea even as a blogger.

Don't forget to drop a comment below thanks.

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  1. I will want more on this forum thing cos i just envy nairaland.