There are many businesses online today which must young graduate can benefit from this Online businesses you don't need to spend much but remember if you spend the more you get, today in Nigeria the best state that do engage in online business most is Lagos state am I right?

Must times in Nigeria the Xmas period is an opportunity for you to do your online business but that doesn't mean you can't do after that period  so today let talk about business cause here we help people who have not been able to make it online

1. Make or create good copy that sells

You need to have passion for any business you are doing

It must be a product that will help the community at large and my need to show sample of that product were ever you advertise 

Show people other testimony about it and the guarantee must  be strong and trust worthy because that is the best way to spend online business

Always think like a customer and try to ask yourself what your customers could ask about the product

2. Register your business to make it official

You have to make sure your business is registered .

And  fill  out your business name and the paperwork to make your business more official.

Your business  should comply with the rules and regulations of the country of state you are this will help your business to boost
3. Register a domain name for your business

Your needs a domain name registration to enable people visit your web page online and it should be short 

There are free hosting company but you have to be serious in what ever you do

4 buy or create a good e-commerce app or software

This will enable your customers to buy what the want with full trust and confidence

5 start or before an affiliate marketer for other companies

We have companies that do affiliate program we konga jumia 

6 Get an adsence account 

This will help in generating revenue when you place them on the site or when your customers click on it

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  1. I cant help myself but to be coming here bcos i get refreshing tips always.

  2. I cant help myself but to be coming here bcos i get refreshing tips always.

    1. Just subscribe and that is all you will get every update

  3. Nice tips. I hear absence is difficult.


  4. AdSense my own problem. It's not displaying ads yet.