How to Stop Unauthorized  Post's on your Facebook Timeline

How to Stop Unauthorized Post's on your Facebook Timeline

Posted by Mathias Amodu

Yes over the years I have helped many people to solve related issues like this  are people who I help victor Adesanya, Ismaila Jibrin.

So today I am willing to help those who could not reach me but the Internet have made it possible today.
Firstly let talk on how this things occurs
• authorized application 
• downloading sex application

But the steps to stop that are

Login to your Facebook account

Now scroll down to the bottom of any page and click on settings and privacy

Click on   >logged in with Facebook<

Click the name of the app or game you want to remove once you have removed it, it should no longer be on timeline. If you still see a past story you can still remove it

Note: check the link that do post the unauthorized images and delete it
Take note of this information below:
Authorized Applications: today must people do download any type of application the just set their eyes on which is not advisable,
Downloading Sex application: if you want to watch sex video why don't you download it please take note of that.


  1. I've been looking a way to stop all this unauthorised post on my wall...thanks for this great post, my issue have been solved.