How to Structure Disqus Comment on WordPress

How to Structure Disqus Comment on WordPress

Disqus is a comment system which is very popular and it is been used by many sites and it is very easy to use just follow this steps below.

Step 1
You have to register with them before proceeding  by clicking here.

Step 2
Now after clicking that on the disqus page you will see  ADD DISQUS TO YOUR SITE  just cick it.

Step 3
Now you will be given a form to fill make sure you fill in your correct details and when adding your website name you should add the short name cause you will need it later.

Step 4
Now you will have to select the specific platform you are using just click on WordPress.

Step 5
Goto to your WordPress dashboard and then click on the plugin.

Step 6
Select Add New link.

Step 7
Now search for Disqus comment system and then click the result and install it.

Step 8
Now goto your setting and click disqus comment and enter your site shortname and don't put anything in the API space.

Step 9
Visit this and then fill the form and click register after submitting click on details.

Now copy your new API key below  the OAuth  and now insert the API you have obtain I'm you WordPress disqus plugin.

Now those that want to comment are free to do so.

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  1. Sha, me am on Blogspot and i love the comments system.. Good writeup for wordpress users.

    1. Thanks you but WordPress is is that easy To use I hope you will try create one blog it bro

  2. Thanks for the post but I don't like disqus, its hard to comment on blogs using it especially on opera mini

  3. I dislike the disqus comment box... It's difficult for users to place a comment.