How to Upload Video to Your YouTube account

How to Upload Video to Your YouTube account

Sharing your video is very important this help in communicating with people and not people in your country but to people around the world. If you really want to start sharing your video to other people then you have to follow this steps below.

Step 1
Now you have to get your video ready by transferring it from your camera to your computer make sure it is well edited.

Step 2
Now make sure you have a YouTube account then log in and click on upload on the top right corner of the homepage.

Step 3
Now select  that video file you want to upload and click on open botton remember that if you are not yet verified, you have only 15 minute to upload any video  if you want to verify you will find the link there.

Step 4
Now you will give some forms to fill the description and title of that video just make sure you fill them well.

Step 5
You have to select the video privacy policy . if  you set it public then it can be seen by anybody and also those listed people are those with Google account to access your new video.

Step 5
If you check below you will find list of social network which you can use to share  your video to other social media like facebook,twitter,Google plus,blogger etc.

Step 6
If you have YouTube AdSense then
 you can monetize that video this will enable you get paid.

Step 7
Now click on the advance  settings in this place you can choose to disable your video response , change right of ownership and many more.

Step 8
Finally click on the save button after this you can copy the embed code and place it on your site.

I hope you can now post your video on YouTube freely wow that's good to know if you have any problem on that you can still contact me.

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