Blogging is one of  the best method for communication nation wide today, and blogging started gaining popularity in the 2000s through some popular blogs all this has affected most Elections and we have must blogs that get thousands of traffic daily in my own personal life style blogging is fun and implementing your knowledge in them will be more better than sitting down doing nothing.

This are things you need to do  your blog popular

1. Select a Nice Niche For  Your Blog

today we have many new bloggers that just believe in copy and paste which is not advisable as a Blogger, you need to post out your knowledge and market your skill.
Most times I just wonder how many people will be successful in this blogging sphere whereby every day new blogs are being created there is one great secret I have for some new bloggers  let me tell you this as a student don't try to go into news niche because it is one of the hardest niche in blogging just take a look at linder ikegi she has a news Blog and belle naija same too now look at owner of primesong he was still a student when he created his tech blog and even Androidvillaz too. So you should always seek for advice before starting your blog and this will make your blog to be famus.

2. Make a Timetable for your posting

Creating a timetable for your blog posting is very important just imagine this if you can post three articles a day for fifty day that is one hundred and fifty post  so tell me why don't you just create a timetable for your self. Most people do say that  posting at at least once every day some people do say three times in a week and others do say three post a day just choose one for your self even if you have many job to do you can just schedule your Post time and date.

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3. Choose one particular template for your blog

Most viewers always want to see you as a  good poster and not by changing your template everyday   they would loss trust in your blog cause you are not serious  if you don't have a nice template you can order for or ask for before publishing your blog.

4. By Commenting on other popular blogs
My  previous post was about commenting and the Importance of it . doing this it will help you drive more people to visit your blog through that comment and it helps in building backlinks to your blog.

Hope this really help you in making your blog popular don't forget to drop a comment below thanks

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