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Remove subscribe to post atom on Blogger


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This tutorial is to show you how to remove default subscribe post atom feed link on Blogger. There are two methods of performing this action either by hiding or by removing it permanently.

This is default subscribe post atom is always below every post on Blogger and it is a RSS feed subscription link .

For us to remove the link remember I said that the are two methods
But hiding of  link  make search engine to count you as a spammer but my tutorial is on the two methods.

Remove the link

Just  know that this is the right method because it does not have effect

•  Go to your dashboard and select your blog
•  Click on template then => click Edit HTML
•  mark or tick Expand then search for this codes

     <b:include name='feedlinks'/>

•  Just delete it and click on save template then your Blog.

Hide the link

It has some effect on search engine but if the above method did not work for you use this one.

By add this display: none  we can hide any block.

•  click on edit HTML and search for


•  Add this code before the code above

.feed-links{display: none !

It should look like this

.feed-links{display: none !

Click on save template.  
Check your Blog and see if it works

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