Top 15 Social Bookmaking Sites  With High Page Rank

Top 15 Social Bookmaking Sites With High Page Rank

Social bookmaking sites this is a service which helps users to add you can also edit and share bookmarks of web document, and this can be viewed by other mmembes on that site  were this document is been stored.

 If you are been listed in a social bookmaking site you can be privilege to have massive traffic to you website or blog. In fact those people who visit your site  are those people who found your site  topic so interesting and some other bookmaking site will mark inks out to other site as nofollow  this means you can't gain any benefit from additional links. There are many benefits for submitting your content to this bookmaking site .

• increase your traffic
• Increase post popularity
• increase your Google rank

This are the 20 social bookmaking site and make sure  you use them well.

Site                             Page rank

Reddit.com                              8
Pinterest.com                         9
bibsonomy.org                     7
Stumbleupon.com                 8
Akonter.com                           2
blogospherenews.com        4
newsvine.com                     7
givealink.org                        4
linkarena.com                     7
plurk.com                           7
Slashdot.com                    7
Current.com                       6
dzone.com                         6
Icio.de                                6
Wikio.com                         6

I hope this bookmaking site really help you incase  you have any question or you do have more you can still comment them down.