11 Ways on How Increase Your Alexa Rank

11 Ways on How Increase Your Alexa Rank

Alexa rank is very important in times of seo, it will make your site to be visible to search engine one thing you need to know about alexa rank is that it doesn't base on one rule it has many rules for them to be able yo rank your website or blog higher. And it increase the popularity of your website globally and even I. Your own country too.

Below I will be giving you some helpful steps to take before you can be ranked higher in Alexa rank.

=> You need enough backlinks

Backlinks have it own major role not only in alexa rank but in different angles of the web you need to know how to get backlinks to your site. Remember I gave you some clue like:

commenting with link text
• writting of gust post
• composing real content and not copy and paste
sharing your article to social media 
and many more

As you can see we have many ways to check our website or blog backlinks use backlinks checker tools.

You don't need to worry or try buying backlinks because it might affect your website or blog seo so take note everything is time.

=> Insert alexa rank widget to your website or blog

This help you to get more opportunity of of getting higher rank and it will also help the search engine to easily get more details about your website or blog.

But have ever imagined a  Christian or a Muslim with a Bible in his or her house huh that is impossible except he/she is claiming to be.

=> Buy your own domain name
Having a website without a domain is just like  you build a house and someone else is in charger of that house.

Buy a domain name does not only has to do with Alexa rank but most times it make people to know how serious you are and that  will make thin more easier if you have purchase your own domain name.

And when you are buying this domain name try to buy those high class domain name like the .com.

=> Post regularly 
Posting on your website or blog make it lively because not for the Alexa rank but for your visitors the need more info and not a static website or blog let me ask you something can you say every without updating yourself without food or water?

Try what ever you can to post at list once or twice a day.

=> Organic traffic
Traffic is the major rules in getting high Alexa rank but most people do violate it by using not for their blog or website traffic which is not good at all.

Even if you can pay for people to go to your website or blog do it! And if you don't have the money use your friends and family  remember I said this in one of my blog post.

So always be careful, I know that traffic is your main target but doing it the wrong way is bad remember arwuf De run Belle.

=> Submit your site to Directories
Submitting your site will also help in making your site popular and visible to search engines.
And when submitting your site make sure you submit it to high page ranked directories.

=> Make your blog post topics short 
Making your blog topics short help in seo and it will make your topic to be first in any Google search result

=> make sure you have enough comments

Comment also help in page ranking you can create a community for self ment for commenting on each other post and that will be helpful.

=> Try to claim your site
Claiming your website or blog has to do with using computer to insert the HTML code been giving to you on you HTML <head> and then your site will be crawl.

=> Don't Copy and Paste

=> Submit your site to search engines

Yes that is all I have to say if you have any addition please drop it in the comment box thanks.


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    Nice thread @ Admin..
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    1. Hmm that's nice to hear must, times it may occur due to your blog increase in backlinks and also post uniqueness.

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  4. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this post, We are having Regular posting in our blogs, but still we are facing to increase alexa ranking, any other short cut ways to increase alexa ranking


    1. Hello Kuch Jano the Alexa ranking system is sometimes more confusing but I advice you to create more backlinks for your blog and I think that will help you.