5 Easy Ways to Earn Money Using Twitter

5 Easy Ways to Earn Money Using Twitter

Making money through Twitter is not just a day job it has to do hard work and your passion and you have to be constant online.

This are some little definition of some key points.

Money => this is any item of verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment of goods and service and also the replacement of debt in a country.

Twitter => this is a social networking nicro blogging that is free and that also allows registered users to speak write or broadcast their thought or opinions normally called tweets.

Twitter was lunched in the year 2006  and has been a major platform to brodcast what ever post you intend to tweet online. Twitter has help many online marketers and webmasters to promote their career in different dimension.

Twitter is not just a place for posting only but a place were you can also keep track with your customers give them the necessary information.

Below are some helpful this on how to make money using Twitter.

1. Get Enough followers.

Before you can be able to succeed in your Twitter business you will need huge amount of followers and you should be more active on Twitter than other social media platform and you will need multiple account and a crafting catchy tweets. This will make things more easier for you in doing tgr business.

2. Having Knowledge  about marketing

Starting a business is not just a playing matter or what you gest about. Before you start any business you need to have knowledge about that business you going for.
You also need to understand the concept of your business.

3. Register with buskisa

This website help you to earn more through writing of article for them and also make money through advertising in the side columns and the way the do pay is by the total amount of click you get on that your article through your Twitter account.

4. Affiliate Marketing 

First let me give a brief definition about affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing means achieving greater market Penetration through websites who target specific group of internet users eg konga.com > sells electronic appliance and house appliance and many more.

Make use of your blog in becoming an affiliate marketer
Remember in one of my previous post I said that when you become an affiliate marketer you should try to add products that are not that popular.
Try to tweet at list 5-15 tweets and it should be well describe when posting it, to attract more buyers.

5. Sell your services on Twitter

Note: Don't stop you normal Twitter activities because of money making because you might discourage your followers.

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  5. Nice post, Twitter is the best place to promote your product to your targeted audience.

  6. What is actual credible and affordable means of reaching more twitter followers?

    1. You just need to be unique and as I earlier said if you don't have the money to get more followers you can use your family members or friends it sounds funny right but is the best way sir

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