6 Steps On How To Send Direct Message On Twitter

6 Steps On How To Send Direct Message On Twitter

Sending a direct message on Twitter is a very easy way to communicate with your followers.
As you normally tweet you can still change it to direct message I think that is more respectful and it has a limit of 140 characters.

Note: This direct message can only be done between the  user and the follower.

Below are some easy steps on how yo send direct message on Twitter.

Step 1
First visit www.twitter.com  and then login to your own account.

Step 2
The person must be following you before you can be able to send direct message to.

Step 3
At the top right side of that page click on the mail button.

Step 4
After clicking on the mail button now choose New message.

Step 5
Now insert the username of that person in the box being given to you and then click send  message.

Step 6
That is all you need to do don't forget to drop your comment below thanks.