Do you have that passion or you know how to decorate  and you really want to explore it by having a blog  for yourself?
Just  follow this tips below.

=> when creating  your fashion blog you have to the popular blogging platform and always don't go alone creating it. You can look for a blog designer or your friends who are into it, so that the can Br able to assist you in creating it.

=> Make research on other fashion blogs and try to pick some little techniques on how your blog should also look like

=> When purchasing a domain name for your blog make you get a short domain name for your blog so that you visitors would be able to remember the name to connect.

=> A fashion blog suppose to be colourful so you will need to have good customize logo, colourful background, your text font should be unique and fashionable.

=> In your first blog article it should be something about yourself and your career a fashion blogger and you also express what lead you into fashion blogging.

=> Make sure your post are regular and don't keep your visitors waiting through out a whole week without updating your blog because this can bring down your blog traffic.

=>  Always include images in any of your post and make Sure the image is related yo that post because it makes your post look serious.

=> Don't base on only one item go wild bring new item like football Jessy ( lol )isn't that funny but remember that even the football players would like to look good too.

Use a customized email address and try to make your blog popular.

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  2. You now give tutorials on how to maintain a fashion blog? Nice tips mathias.

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