How Stay Away From Being Banned on a Forum

How Stay Away From Being Banned on a Forum

You just newly signed up into a forum and the next thing you could know was that you have being banned from that forum which is bad and most site that do such in Nigeria is Nairaland so you have to be carefully sometimes you will be banned for no reason just follow this step below and you won't get banned.

=> Don't insult or being banned rude to any member of any forum if any one insult you don't worry about that the moment you don't give him a reply I think he/she will keep quite.

=> when posting do make all your letters to be in capital letter most forum does not allow such and don't post links in to your blog in that forum unless you are being permit to do so  and always think first before posting.

=> make sure you post according to the category. In most forums we gave different categories like sport,technology, new, and many more so your post should be related to that category.

=> And always put your real information Most time you need to be serious about something's make sure you put in your real information when registering a new account and you should put your real email address because you will sent a confirmation code.

=> Lastly always read the rules and terms before sign up.


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