How to Add a Blog Background

Changing your blog background is very good idea, you can also change your background in Christmas periods. And when putting this background images you should be wise because at times it may reduce your blog visitors and when doing this make sure you don’t make mistake while adding the html codes. Below I will be given you some little tips on How to Add a Blog Background.

Step 1
Visit your blogger dashboard and click on the blog you want to work on.

Step 2
Now click on template=>edit template.

Step 3
Search this html codes using Ctrl + f
    body {background-color:#XXXXXX
and change it to your own color.

Step 4
Now if you want to add image you want or you can download it but in blogger you can find that in the customize section.

Step 5
In blogger you can upload it through that place or you can use photo hosting  such as picsa,flicker  and then change the image url.

Step 6
Then insert this the HTML code into you blog HTML code.

body {background-image: url(image url here)

Place the code before the body your blog HTML and then save it.

I hope this really helped you if you have any difficulty just comment thanks.

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