How To Add a Feed Atom for Blogger on IGoogle Page

How To Add a Feed Atom for Blogger on IGoogle Page

IGoogle is your on step homepage for the web.  There you can access all your Google service RSS feed, maps, to do list e.t.c.

Below are some helpful tips on how to add feed atom for blogger on IGoogle page.

1. First you have to visit the Google personal home page.

2. In that page you need to click on a button that says Add content.

3. Now as slide bar will pop up  now click on create section.

4. After clicking on create section you will have to insert your blog link into the box.

6. Now below click on the Go button

7. After that you you will be given some latest post of that url you inserted. The you can from there redirect to the url webpage.

8. That's all you need to do Don't forget to drop you comment below 


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