Music the say is a moral law. Today must bloggers feel discouraged about not being able to add music to their blog post and one good thing about music is that when you listen to it you will feel no pain.

Don't  think that music is only ment for wapka site which i say it is a lie. Below are some helpful tips on how to add music to Your Blog.

Step 1
You need to go to www.mixpod.com there you sign up or if you have an account already just log in and continue the process.

Step 2
Now at the top you will find New  playlist just click on it and then select the way you want the music to be like.
How to search maxpod playlist

Step 3
Now make sure that your song is already on mixtap then all you need to do is to search for that particular music and it will give the actual results of that song just click it.

Step 4
Now after clicking on it just click on + button

Step 5
Now fill the title and other information about that playlist and then click on save.

Step 6
Now copy the HTML code and paste it on your blog post HTML .

That's all you need to do. Don't forget to  drop Your comment below thanks.

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