How To Add a Text Link To Blogger Comment

In blogger the comment box does not allows you to link any word unlike
But this little techniques you can use
HTML code for commenting with text link to any blogger blog.

Step 1
First visit any blogger blog you would like to drop your text link in the comment box.

Step 2
Now click on post a comment below any
post in that blog then a new window will pop out which is the comment box.

Step 3

Write what ever you want to write and then
click on you enter button  and paste this
codes below

<a href="">keyword </a>

You can do the arrangement yourself

Step 4
Click on post comment to submit your
comment with a link to your blog or website.

Step 5
Make sure you drop your text link comment too before living thanks.
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    1. Thanks for the Remark God has given me the knowledge so I think the knowledge is the blessing

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    1. Lol don't tell me I now read your mind before post but sha thank god it help you at last keep blazing it

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