How to Add Twitter to Your Blog

How to Add Twitter to Your Blog

Twitter is a wonderful and a useful social media platform and in this platform your only allowed to post which are called tweet. Twitter has over 500 million users, today a going to teach you how to add badge to your blog this has to be done through implementing some HTML codes been copied from the twitter site.

Step 1
Log into you blog either WordPress or blogger

Step 2
In your  WordPress dashboard you can would have to click on appearance and drag the twitter widget into the right position at the top right corner of that widget you will find a box just insert your URL of your twitter.

Step 3
Now visit Twitter website again if your site does not have that  that Twitter badge.

Step 4
On the twitter site you will find a box at left hand of Corner of the page and then click on resources and then you will be redirected to another place were you find widget,button,logos and many more.

Step 5
Now click on widgets => click on my website and type in your discription and click on the type of box you want in your website.

Step 6
On the customize page make sure you click on all the options there you can add your own username and the amount of tweet you want show there and click on finish.

Copy the code and paste it in your blog or you can add a gadget and save that's all you need.


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