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To get a domain is very easy you don’t need to go to a website that has nothing to with the purchase or registration of domain name. checking for domain name availability can still be done in that same hosting site just follow this little steps below.

=> Just visit any website that do host domain name  examples are DomainKing, Godady,  1and1 and many more.

=> Even if you have or you don’t have an account with them you can still use the search box to search for your new and favorite domain name.

=>  Just type in the domain name  you are thinking to buy inside the search box and if that domain name is available you will be congratulated  that the domain is available if it is not you have to keep trying till you get one.

=> Then you go on purchasing your new domain name for your website or blog

Before you think of buying a domain name you have to know the type of niche you are purchasing that domain for and examples of niche are technology blog,business blog,fashion blog, hobby blog blog, and many more.

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Make sure that when deciding on what domain name you want you should try as much as possible to get domain name that ends with either .com .ng .biz .info.

Domain names always have it significant like

.org        >organization domain name
.ng         >mostly for Nigeria government                 websites like schools and other                 ministry.
.mil       >this is mostly used for  military                 sites

I hope with this you can be able to get your new domain name or if you need my assistant you can comment below thanks.