How to Create a RSS Link to Your WordPress Blog

RSS feed is a special  way of sending or delivering  regularly Blog updates or contents to your subscribers.

The RSS feed has helped many people solve their problems by making them to be informed about any updates.
Below are some helpful tips on how to create a RSS link to your WordPress blog.

Step 1
On your wordpress dashboard click on appearance and then you will be given a menu just click on widgets.

WordPress dashboard

Step 2
Now search for this widget RSS feed and then click on on it.

Step 3
Now you will have to take the RSS link box to the side bar of that page.

Step 4
You can now add your own RSS feed title and then select few the actual location you would like this RSS link to be displayed.

Step 5
Now select text link or image link or the both of them click on the save button.

Now your visitors who have subscribe to your blog can now receive their messages instantly.

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