Wordpress is a very good and easy way to start posting your knowledge online.
Wordpress has many nice features which can be used in making a successful blog on your own.

 wordpress blog

Even if you don't have a webhost you can still upload your files to your purchased domain name.

Step 1
Goto wordpress website.
You will need to have  a valid email address yo be able to create an account with them.

When creating this your new account you will be given some space to insert your password make sure you keep them save

Step 2
Choose a good and a simple web address that is when you choose to start with a free blog first.

Example www.Google.wordpress.com

Step 3
Now after you have done  with the creation of your  new wordpress blog, now you will be taken to your blog dashboard were you can be able to to some editting for your blog.

Step 4
Now you can add your blog header tittle just like mine zealmatblog at the top.

Step 5
Set other things like tagline, email, timezone, date and other things.

Step 6
Now  you will have to click on appearance and then change tyr blog theme no normally known as template.

Step 7
You can begin with some other editting in your default or purchase theme.
And start adding widgets that you would like to add.

Step 8
Now finally click on add new button to start posting.

Try to use short topics and nice article.