How to Disable Captcha in Joomal Comment

How to Disable Captcha in Joomal Comment

Most times you might be having problems like your captcha plugin is no longer found or set and when ever you click on the the create account link.

Even in the admin panel must people complain that the can't find the reset but only the disabling button.

If you have a joomla website or a joomla SMS site and you would like to use this method of disabling you comment box just follow the steps below.

=> In your plugin manager you would have to disabled the plugin captcha or recaptcha.

=> Now you would have to select the option click on the none selected.

If you are still getting some errors you can still try this method  that says.

Fatal error: call to a member function checkanswer() on a non-object in G:\xampp\htdocs\joomla\libraries\cms\form\rule\catcpha.php online 47

= Go to the Extention manager in the abckend.

=> choose manager and then choose under type  plugins.

=> then uninstall the captcha and recaptcha plugins.

And if the key of the reCaptcha is not properly set it won't work  just try to set the key you can some of them here   and you can stay to use it perfectly.

That is all you need I hope it works for you don't forget to drop a comment below thanks. 


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    1. yes i have written about it already try to check my previous posts

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