How to Distribute Your Blogger Post with Social Networks and SMS Using Twitterfeed

Today many things have been make easy with the help auto distribution. And let tell you the truth about this it can generate automatic traffic without stress.
Below I will be giving some easy steps on how to connect your twitterfeed with your social networks like facebook and twitter.

Step 1
You will need a twitterfeed account if you don't have you can sign up by clicking here.

Step 2
After you are done with the above step then you will need to create a New feed by click on the dashboard tab at the top.

Step 3
Then you will be giving a form to fill in that form you will have to fill in your blog name and the name of the feed.

Step 4
There will be a place labelled blog URL and RSS  feed.

Use this URL =>

Replace with your own URL.

Step 5
Now click on test RSS feed to confirm is the URL actually working  and then after the confirmation.

Step 6
Change the frequency of your posting by clicking on advanced settings.

Step 7
Now you will see twitter button just click on it and then you click on authenticate you Twitter then you will be redirected to your twitter account then click on authorize app on the you twitter page.

Step 8
Click on create service on you Twitter feed page and then click Facebook button below.

Step 9
Connect your Facebook too then select the page you want to link to your website or blog.

Step 10
Now you need to activate your mobile just send your Twitter username to 40404 everyone has his own special code just wait for the confirmation .

That is all you need in connecting your social media account and let your fans get updated by SMS.
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  1. This another traffic bomb by the man himself.

  2. Nice port, i will try it again

  3. wonderful pls let me configure mine . thank you so much for this g8t lecture i belive it will benefit more readers.

  4. wonderful pls let me configure mine . thank you so much for this g8t lecture i belive it will benefit more readers.

  5. This is another means of driving traffic.

  6. Very nice technique, but how do they get the blog posts via SMS and who gets it? My followers?

    1. Yes you remember when registering you were ask for your mobile number