How To Implement READ MORE Option to Blogger Posts

How To Implement READ MORE Option to Blogger Posts

Blogger has alot of new features that has made things more easier for blogger especially does that have adsense  in the blog this will increase there clicks.

Many new bloggers have been finding it so difficult to implement this into there blog  and other might have been using the HTML method and was complicated and capable of making error.

But today I have bring this method to help my blog visitors insert Jumb Breaks with this you can be able to show snippet of your post on any of your blog index post. Blogger do place a read more link to the full page of your blog this alows your reader to keep reading.

In this method we have many ways to to insert this read more jump into our blog posts. You can insert it using the new post editor on you blogger draft or you can still enable the settings if you want to insert it through the new post editor you can click on the icon at new post editor  jump break then it will be implemented onto that post.

If you are not interested in using that new feature  you can still make use of this by insert this code.

                    < ! - -  read more  - - >

In the area you want the jump break to be and you an also Change the read more to any thing  by

 click on the layout >>edit>>blog post widgets.

You can still change the amount of post you would like to appear on you blog homepage and if you want to that follow this.

Click on settings >> Basic >>site feed and insert the number of post you would like to see in your homepage.

Or if you still need more help click here

I hope this tutorial really help you a lot don't forget to drop a comment below thanks


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    1. Haha do you know that the are professional bloggers that don't have this knowledge but maybe you might be lucky to have a well customized template

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