How to Install (position)  pinterest "pin it" Button

How to Install (position) pinterest "pin it" Button

The pin it botton is very good because it allows you to pin content  in your pinterest account doing positioning or installation is very fast and easy.

Below are some little steps on how to do the installation.

Step 1
Now the first step you need to take is to  goto pinterest goodies homepage here use the browser that you will like to install it on.

Step 2
On that page you will have to click on the install button  allow the software to install properly.

Step 3
If you are using internet explorer click on the command bar  by right clicking on the the internet window title bar then you will see the command bar option.

Step 4
Now there will some photos that will display in window just click on polin it button to save any content you like.

Step 5
Lastly you would have to sign into your pinterest account. Because before and pin you must log in first.

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