How to Link Your Twitter Account with Facebook

Connecting you Twitter account to your Facebook account is very important because it help you to reach out to many people at the same time. Below I will be giving you some simple steps on how to do the connection.

Step 1
Firstly you would have to login to your Twitter account here or if you don't have you can also create one too.

Step 2
Now insert your username and your password

Step 3
Noe your will find a gear button at the top right hand side of your account home page click on it.

Step 4
Now after clicking that there will be a drop down menu just choose setting.

Step 5
Then choose profile  it is the fourth tab in the menu and located at the left hand side.

Step 6
You see connect to Facebook just click on it and after clicking on it  open another tab on you desktop or mobile phone.

Step 7
You have to login to your facebook account here and if you don't have you can still create one.

Step 8
Now insert your username and your password

Step 9
Twitter will request for permission to post on your behalf just click on allow.

Now your tweets will be published automatically to Facebook  and then you can do some little settings.

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