How To Make Google Adsense Ad To Display Above Opera Mini Layer

How To Make Google Adsense Ad To Display Above Opera Mini Layer

When google adsense was lunched it was only known to be added in between blog post and some years after it was then explored to the ads by google linking method and as things changes so also the knowledge of humans upgrade.

Must blogs I visited early this year made me confused about this first I visited nairacoded.com through my chrome browser it was perfect but using my opera browser that is when I saw the miracle so I tried checking entclass.com wow it was perfect so I decided to bring out this whole problem to an end today.

Placing ads in your blog, you need to be careful because must times times people do complain of being banned from there program which is because you ads is a much at just have three per page.
Below are some tutorial on how to make Google ads to display above the layer on opera mini.

 ads to display above  opera mini layer ads to display above  opera mini layer

Step 1
Visit your adsense account by clicking here.

Step 2
Now click on My Ads button located at the top of your dashboard and then create a new ad unit.

Step 3
After arranging your ads format just click on get code.

Step 4
On the the ads get code box you will be given two  code type which you will have to select from it 

• asynchronous
• synchronous

Step 5
Choose synchronous from the drop down menu.

Step 6
Now finally copy the code and the go to your blog and insert it we ever you would like it to be.

That all you need to do  make sure you don't use responsive ads unit.

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