How To Make a Twitter Hashtag Widget

How To Make a Twitter Hashtag Widget

Hastag is a word use preceded by this sign (#)  and mostly used on social media platforms like twitter, Facebook. And It is used to identify messages Specific topics or sentences.


Below are some tips on how to make a twitter hashtag widget

Step 1
First login to your twitter account using your correct username and password.

Step 2
Click here to go to the widget settings page then on that page click on create new button, it is located at the top.

Step 3
Now you will be taken to a page that says create a user  all you need to do is to select a timeline source.

Step 4
Then click on the search bar and the insert your hastag just like this (#zealmat)

Step 5
After you have insert the hastag now do the Customization settings make it to be the way you want it, by changing high pixel, widget color.

Step 6
Finally click on the create widget button below and copy all the HTML code to your blog or website.

I hope this toturial will really help you alot, just drop a comment below thanks.

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  1. wow thaanks for the tip
    i do use twitter constantly and i dont even know it has such feature