How To Make Use Of Annotations In Google Analytics

How To Make Use Of Annotations In Google Analytics

Annotations In Google Analytics is a nice feature which has made many webmasters to know the actual date of their analytics and to know how and when some of the event took place.

This feature helps webmasters to know how the site looks like before in time of traffic that is if you have you have done any new changes or designed your website.
Below are some helpful tips on how to make use of Annotations In Google Analytics.

Step 1
Now you will have to go to your Google analytics account and click on the button below your monthly traffic chat.

Step 2
Then click on create annotations and it is located at the lower right corner.
Analytics Annotations

Step 3
Now you will be given a form all you need to do is just to add a little description of that your item and date.

Step 4
Then choose visibility preference and then click on the save button.

That's all you need to do and when next you visit that page you Annotations will then be visible.

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