How To place Ads Banner Below Header of blogger Mobile View

Today in this tutorial am going to teach you how to place ads under your blog and header.
Follow this step below. 
Step 1
Visit your blogger dashboard and click on that blog you want to perform this tutorial on.

Step 2
Now move your mouse arrow down to template  and click on it.


Step 3
Click on the gear icon below mobile and then choose yes and click on custom and then save it.

Step 4
Now click on the edit button on the edit page click on clrt+f  and search for for this


Step 5
When you have found the code above now you need to change the showaddelement to yes and include maxiwidget=’3′

Yours should look like this

<b:section class = ‘main’ id=’main’maxiwidget=’3′ showaddelement=’yes’>

Step 6
Now click on the the save template button.

Step 7
Now you  you will need to go back to the layout of  the blog and add a gadget above the blog post.

Step 8
Now add a new gadget and select html/java script and paste your adsence code there and save it.

Remember that every gadget has an I’d so click on edit and then check the URL of that gadget you will find an Id copy that Id and save it.

Step 9
Now click on edit html again and press ctrl + f  then paste that I Id and search for it

Add this to the Id  ===  mobile=’yes’

<b:widget id=’HTML20 locked=’false’ mobile=yes’ tittle=” type =HTML’>

Now save it and search for  this again


Step 10
Paste this code below  before the line above

display : none;

@media all and (Max-width:
768px) {

display : block;


And then save it. remember that you are to use your own id not this one.

If you want me to help you in doing this i  can still help you out just drop a comment below.

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