How To Place Adsense Above Post On Blogger Blog Default Template

How To Place Adsense Above Post On Blogger Blog Default Template

Most times placing your adsense on default template becomes more default than you thought but easy as long as you read this content.

You can place ads on your mobile page to make more money through Google adsense. This days most of your blog visitors do visit your blog using thier mobile phone, so placing your adsense on your mobile blogger blog view will help you get more revenue.

Below are some helpful tips on how to place adsense on your blogger
blog mobile view.

Step 1
First of all you need to go to your blogger dashboard and select the blog which you want to add this ads to.

blogger dashboard

Step 2
Now click on earnings and then click on sign in button and then do some little settings on how your ads would look like on you blog page.

Step 3
Then click on template and then click on the gear button  below the mobile.

Settings mobile view

Step 4
now enable  simple from does  tab listed above and then click on save.
Blogger mobile view

After that you have now enable ada on your default template mobile view.
If you want to check how it looks like just create a tab and type in your URL like this


Change zealmat.com to your own your own url.

That's all you need to do happy blogging don't forget to drop a comment below thanks.


  1. Nice one boss.. Hope this is also applicable to Awesome default template.. If yes then this would be a great opportunity for me...

    1. Yes when doing it just click on awesome just look at the image below the step 3 anf that all you need to do