How To Place Advert Banner On your Blogger Blog

How To Place Advert Banner On your Blogger Blog

Blogger is one of the best platform that encourage beginners in most aspect like editing of HTML codes and many other features.
Today am going to given you some easy steps on how to place your own personal banner on your blogger blog.

Advert Banner

 Now let's go straight to the point

Step 1 
Visit your www.Blogger.com and select the blog you want to use.

Blogger  dashboard

Step 2 
Click on New post at top left corner.

Step 3
Now click on image inserter at the top then after inserting the images on that page.

Step 4
Then I hope you know were the compose and HTML are? Now click on HTML

Blogger HTML

Step 5
Copy the link of those images and insert them one after the other in the code below

<center> <table width="300"> <tr><td> <a href="http://www.banner link here.com"><img src="http://www.banner image link.com/></a> </td> </tr</table></center>

 • you can still reduce the width by editing it.

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  1. Thanks so much have been wanting to do this. I am sure this can guide me very well.


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  3. Thanks Mathias, I've searched for this so much. Just saw this and it worked for me.