How to Recover Deleted Blogger Blog Post

How to Recover Deleted Blogger Blog Post

If you are a real blogger that compose real article then you will know how painful it is to lost one of your blog post.
And most times this might happen accidentally.

So today  am going to give you some helpful tips on how to retrieve your deleted blog post just follow the steps below.

Using the Google cache
Most people don't know that as you create any article in your blog Google search engine will create a cache of that article  and this contains every details about any particular post.

So now the You going to search for that deleted post url using this method below.

=> you need to type in this in the Google search engine on your browser.

       example site:www.zealmat.com

=> But if you can still remember the url of that post you can use this

           example cache:www.zealmat.com

=> the search will give you all your post has been indexed by the search engine just click on it.

=> Or if you have the title of that post you can still insert this

          (Site:blogname.com post title )

=>,In the search result you will have to click on cache below that result

Deleted blog post

=> Then open your deleted post in the cache version.

How to publish it

Publishing it will not bring anything back like your traffic or comment.

=> On that cache page click on ctrl + u then choose view source.

=> Now you are now in the source page just click on Ctrl + ff.

=> type in a post ID  it should be something like this. postID=3759146264323581935 Copy it down.

=>  Now go to your blogger dashboard select the blog and click on New post.

=> On your browser replace the deleted post id with that current one and click on enter and then you will see you post in the editor box.

=> Click on publish button and your  deleted post will come back live.

Don't forget to drop a comment  below.


  1. This guy is 3 much. This is a very nice article.


  2. You are the man. I will try it out for some of my deleted posts I want back

    1. Yes bro feel free to get back after performing the tutorial

  3. Great information about recovering blog articles. This is such a interesting thing because you can accidentally delete blog post

    1. Thank you Mary McClelland for the compliment keep visiting zealmatblog thanks

  4. I don't think it works anymore because when I hit published it showed an error message...please what do I do?

    1. Hello Quincy Kanayo, please I hope the url of the post doesn't have any space in it?
      If it has then please try to rearrange the link perfectly and if it works try to tell me

    2. just checked, can't find the link anymore

    3. please how do I rearrange the url?

    4. Hello Quincy Kanayo check the url properly.... It must must not have any space between and if it doesn't work get back to me


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