How to  Sign Up For Instagram API

How to Sign Up For Instagram API

Instagram allows users to post from the desktop or mobile phones to other social networks it also has an app that help in editting of photo giving it more effect that will make it look good and instagram also has an API this mostly used by developers who want to get the data  from instagram to their new applications.

Below are some helpful tips on how to sign up for instagram API

Step 1
Sign up or sign in to your account. You should make sure that you have download the application here.

Step 2
Navigate to instagram developers page and then log in then in that page you will be given a form to fill.

Step 3
On that form insert your blog or website URL starting with (http://www.zealmat.com) and also your mobile number and other requirements.

Step 4
Agree with the terms and condition then finally you click on the sign up botton.

Step 5
You will have to register your application and then assign an OAuth client_Id and the client_secret for any app you have and want to perform this on and that is all you need on How to  Sign Up For Instagram API.

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