How To Submit Your Blogger Blog To Webmaster Tools And Get Verified

How To Submit Your Blogger Blog To Webmaster Tools And Get Verified

The Google webmaster tools or search console is free, and helps you to maintain your blog on Google search engines.

Using blogger is not an opportunity for you not to submit your blog because it helps in optimizing your blog performance which helps and also bring real organic traffic to your blog.
How to submit your site Google

Why do you need this  search console?

=> It create,maintain and monitor content that delivers visual engagement in search results.

=> It help in maintaining and also guide your blog from spam and malware.

=> It give you the actual results of the queries that caused your blog to show up on Google search results.

Below are some helpful steps on How To Submit Your Blogger Blog To Webmaster Tools And Get Verified.

Step 1
First  you need to have a Google account then you can just sign up to Google webmaster tools.

Step 2
Now insert your blog url into the box being given to you beside add property and click on add property after you have insert the URL of your blog.

Webmaster tools

Step 3
After the submmition you will be asked to verify ownership of that site.

Step 4
You will be given different options to choose just select the HTML tag.

Step 5
Now after clicking on it you will be given some HTML codes copy them down.

Step 6
Create a new tap and then log into your blogger dashboard and then select the blog you submitted.

Step 7
Now scroll down and click on Template >> click EDIT HTML

Step 8
Now paste the  code between <head> and </head>

Step 9
Now you will have to go back to the webmaster tools page and then click on  the verify button.

And that's all you need to do, don't forget to drop your comment below thanks.


  1. Nice post. I have done that but they asked me to put my targeted country and submit my site map

    1. yes you need to submit your site map so that your content can be index just go to my first page and you find the solution on how to submit it

  2. Thanks I'm submitted my site www.ajetomsblog.com ... Thanks for this article.