How to Submit Your Site To Yandex Webmaster Tools

How to Submit Your Site To Yandex Webmaster Tools

Yandex is  a nice webmaster tool which help in making your site visible to search engines and it is a Russian search engine.

Below I will be given you sonlme helpful tips on how to submit your site easily to yandex webmaster tool. And make sure you have your sitemap XML url.

Step 1
Visit the yandex webmaster tool here and then sign up.

Step 2
Now click here to go to the page were you can be able to add you site.

Step 3
Now insert your website url make sure it begins with http://  and then below the box click on add

Step 4
Now you will be asked to claim or confirm your website and in this stage you will be given different option  just choose meta tag option.

Step 5
You will be given an HTML code just copy it and place it on your blogger HTML header.

Step 6
Now after pasting it go back to yandex page and then click on check.

Step 7
Above the yandex page click on indexing options then tap on site map file and then insert your sitemap url and then click save.

Step 8
Then just wait for some days before it will start working fully.

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