How To Switch Your Traffic From Blogger To Another Blog

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Blog traffic is the amount of data sent and received by your visitors to your blog. Most times not all traffic are real traffic and might not be welcome.

Web analytics is the measurement of  you visitors characters or act to your blog.
To switch your traffic from a  blogger blog might be due to change of platform and must times feel discouraged about loosing your visitors but it is nothing to worry bout just follow this step below.

Step 1
Now you will have to login to your Blogger dashboard and click the blog you want to switch traffic from.

Step 2
Then click on template and click again edit html.

Step 3
Click On the html code then on you keyboard hold ctrl +f  and search for the code below.

Html code Edit

<b:include data=’blog’name=’all-head-content’/>

Step 4
You have paste this code below or after the code in step 3.

<meta content=’0;url=’http-equiv=’refresh’/>

Now change to your own domain name and then your traffic from that blog will be switch to your new blog. And you do this process if you don’t want to migrate.

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