How to Use a Non www in Blogger

How to Use a Non www in Blogger

We have many new blogger everyday that purchase or renew there domain name but most beginners have this problem of checking their blog with the www prefix and always get an error but today I want to give you some steps on How to Use a Non www in Your Blogger URL

=>> Firstly go to your blogger dashboard and select the blog you want to work on.

=>> Now on the dashboard page move your mouse down to settings and then click on it

=>> Click on basic >>  edit in the publishing section.

=>> Now inside the box you would have to put the domain name that you want to connect  to without adding www  just like zealmat.com and the save it.

=>> Now tick the box for example that say redirect
(www.zealmat.com)  to  (zealmat.com)

=>> Now try to use the non www url to check if there will be any error again.

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  1. Great concep, didn't know about this. Thank you for sharing

  2. Nice tutorial, it was handy.

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  4. nice one bro....most bloggers thought this works only with custom domain o...but now i knw