Printhag: Unique Print Media Hub In Abuja

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Mathias Amodu

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2018 NIRA Award winner for Youth Development, A Web and SEO Specialist, Blogger, Student, Son, A business Man
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Printhag, a unique print media hub that provides you with aesthetic and professional graphic design and training services.


Over the years they have been the number one leading media hub solution in kuje Abuja a satellite town located in the federal capital city of Abuja with more than 20 students enrolling in thier graphic design course presently.
Printhag has an online portal were you can get latest information on any of their products and services and it is exclusively for Nigerians.

Printhag has different sections which helps the society at large.

Printing of wedding cards


The wedding cards is not just ordinary but of high quality, it is affordable and guarantee will also be included.

Website logo design


The give you high quality logo that has natural colors, designs and also create good advertisement banners for churches, organization, schools, and even for webmasters who would like create an advert banner on forums like nairaland, wazobiaforum and many more.

Graphic design course


Printhag has gone far in times of teaching young entrepreneurs and graduates over the years and with verified certificates and most of  the students now have their own organization now here in Nigeria making their own money  remember job in nigeria today as the say ( hot cake) so why don’t you just enroll for this course today.

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Standard professionalism  and experience 


Whether it is an exhibition display stand, magazine, flier, business cards, school logos, bill board etc. Printhag ensures that your design/printed item stands out.
The offer superior quality services in most areas modern day printing and the also have dynamic attribute that clearly defines and distinguishes thier artist expression through different media.



Hello good people of Nigeria we are glad to introduce to you our two months graphics design course specially put together to help get the best skills at the minimum time possible.

Fee is 20,000 naira only

This include registration materials, softwares and certificates.
we look forward to welcoming you @printhag.

Contact details

Address:  Suit 3, Opposite Aso Bank, Secretariat Road, Kuje-Abuja Nigeria.

Press: C23 Block 3, Commerce Plaza, Area 1, Garki-Abuja Nigeria.


Email address:

Phone Number: 07030127978, 092912792.

Thank you incase you have any question feel free to drop it down in the comment box.

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2018 NIRA Award winner for Youth Development, A Web and SEO Specialist, Blogger, Student, Son, A business Man


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