Share Your Tweets From Twitter to Facebook

Share Your Tweets From Twitter to Facebook

This wonderful method does not requires any app. it very easy without doing much typing and clicking!! Just checkout this following steps a try.

Step 1
Visit www.twitter.com and sign in or sign up if you don't have any

Step 2
At the top you will find your settings button that look like a gear icon.

Step 3
Now click on the Twitter profile menu option then you will be redirected to your profile settings.

Step 4
Now click on Facebook  button

Step 5
In the new page you will have to fill in your Facebook login details but if in that browser you have logged in before then just click ok to proceed.

Step 6
Twitter will extract your Facebook  details then you have to review it and make sure it is correct then click allow.

Step 7
After you have click on allow that means you have been connected successfully .

Step 8
If you have a Facebook page you can also connect it too by clicking on Facebook connection.

After all this process you can just give it a try and see how good it look  like.
I hope this little tutorial really help you why don't you just drop a comment below thanks.


  1. Thank for sharing, this will definitely help us in posting once in to places.


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