SEO is the heart beat of your blog when it stop your blog is dead, the reason is because you don't need to stress yourself sharing your blog post for traffic.
I know most bloggers don't care of checking thier blog analysis which is wrong as a blogger you need to know your blog flows like backlinks, alexa rank, search traffic, link to your site, and your page rank.
We have bring up some wonderful  SEO tools for you, the work 100% with real analysis so just use them wisely.

1.  Google webmaster Tools
This is google best seo tool that gives you every analysis consigning your website or blog.
In this tool page you can find

=> Google index
=> Crawl
=> Search traffic etc.Image

And you can use it to monitor or keep your site from being affected by virus.

2. Google Adword Keyword Tool

Remember we discussed on how to research keyword right? This is the tool that is been used for keyword research and it works perfectly with keyword earnings statistics.
And it comprises of the top keyword ideas group and many more

3. Google Analytical Tool

This is tool is designed for your blog or website traffic analysis, it shows you every thing consigning your website traffic and the target  and the site speed, social media reference and many more.

4. SEMrush


This website is mainly design for checking your blog ranking, backlinks etc. And it also tell you how many errors have occurred in your site and it is basically ment to optimize your siteImage

I hope with this tools you can be able to do some wonderful things for your blog, don't forget to drop your comment below thanks.


  1. Thanks for sharing. This is necessary for every blogger to know.


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    1. Deborah Richards but do you think buying of backlinks for a blog is necessary why not doing it manually, remember nothing good comes easy

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