Domainking.ng: How To Renew Your Domain Name

Domainking.ng: How To Renew Your Domain Name

Renewing your domain name is as a happens when your domain name duration has reached he the expiry date and you have to renew the domain name so as to keep making use of that domain name.
Most people abandon their domain name because of this issue of renewing it, I know that most times it might be difficult to perform this on must web hosting companies but trust me Domainking is not that hard.
Below are some helpful steps on how to renew your domain name on Domainking.ng

Step 1
First you need to go to their website and then login to account by clicking here

Step 2
Now on your domainking dashboard click on My domain it is located at the top navbar of the page.

Step 3
Then you will need to scroll your mouse down to the tab labeled Manage this Domain

Step 4
Then you will be take to a page which you will have to click on Renew domain it is located below management tools category.

Step 5
Now click on the domain name you want to renew  then click on the order button below.

Step 6
Now after you have read the terms  click on the check box then click on the complete order tab below.

Step 7
Then finally you will have to choose your preferred payment method then get your invoice and download it  or you can save the page and that's all you need.

I hope this tutorial will really help you become that special webmaster you ought to be, don't forget to drop your comment below.