Ecommerce Web Design Trends For 2016

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Ecommerce Web Design Trends for 2016


More Graphics and Less Photography

In the last year, ecommerce websites were more subjected to impersonal photography. Now, we are expecting to see more friendly and applicable web designs in 2016. Illustrations creates a feel of delicate connection and help companies to present their story. It is easier for a business to demonstrate themselves in graphics rather than a bunch of stocky photos. Illustrations may become complex if used on very large scale, but even present better picture than images or backgrounds. Web designers are now using a mix of illustration and animation to describe a business. Captivating illustrations, mix with user friendly interface, can be very beneficial for ecommerce websites.
 Graphics adds the sense of quirkiness to websites which cannot be achieved with stock photography.

Pluckier Color Selection


Graphic design companies normally prefer flat designs for ecommerce websites, which emphasizes on the usability of website. Flat designs usually have alike color palettes, now this trend is expect to change. In 2016 you will find many new and exciting color scheme in the ecommerce websites. Color is one of the most important element that express the company’s values and convey the message of the organization. The usage of color and font offer amazing combinations and we will see more trialing in 2016 with brighter and bolder colors.

Typography Will Be More Innovative

With the availability of free or reasonable web fonts like Google Fonts and Type kit, offer more inspired typography, which will be reflected in ecommerce websites in 2016. In mix with CSS3 it will offer a lot more with typography on the web, like creating attractive transitions and complete animations. Bolder and unique typefaces will be more use in this year, as they work well with illustration. Designers will use more readable fonts for body copy and we will see more trial pairing for headlines and associate copy text.

Use of Material Design Will Increase

Material design was introduced by Google initially for use on Android supportive devices. Later that principles was adopted by various mobile platforms and also by desktop websites. Material design is considered as a best practices and will become standard of designing for all internet friendly devices. Card interfaces is also a great feature that comes up with material design. Pinterest is the good example of the usage of card interface, but in 2016 we will see more card interfaces combination in ecommerce web designs. In card interface, various elements on the screen are fix in rectangles and look like set of cards. Card layouts also helps in responsive web design, as they can be speedily rearranged for different screen sizes.

Vertical Web Layouts Will Be Used Instead Of Pages

Users find scrolling easier as compare to click and this is especially true for smartphones. Whether we are using desktop or any mobile device, scrolling is an important interaction tool. If your ecommerce website has high traffic from mobile devices, scrolling will more easily for users. Scrolling pages can also be a used to tell the story of the company, as they guide visitors to specific section. Animation often implement to enhance the story and make the web design more dynamic.

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